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Thank you to everyone who mailed back or submitted their Critical Issues Survey!  We have read and compiled them for you!

Results as of May 5, 2022 from both online and mailed responses



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When we moved here in 1966, Brevard County had the top schools in the nation.  I subbed for many years in elementary schools.  The success of the school depended on the principal. There are many parents unwilling to be parents. [All levels need] to be all working together instead of each group having a say for all.  We are losing teachers in the schools, not because of the kids, but the administration.”

— Titusville voter

Ina Williamson

We love the job Governor DeSantis is doing!”

— New Smyrna Beach voter


“Hoping for a positive Republican candidate — less divisive, while effective.  Tired of the negativity from both sides!”

— New Smyrna Beach voter

Richard Vasquez


Legalization of Marijuana?



Short Term Rentals

Abortion Ban

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Constitutional and Open Carry

From local Republican voters…

Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion — Our local newspaper is too one-sided and does not publish what it doesn’t want us to know.  I no longer watch tv — too biased.

–Titusville voter

Ina Williamson

Thank you for asking for my opinion. 

— New Smyrna Beach voter

Richard Vasquez